The Presence of God is Holy

The modern church has abandoned Christ and The Cross and is taking their cue from the world. “If the world is doing it and it is working, it should work for the church”. Ungodly entertainment, ungodly music and humanistic psychology are substituted in the place for the moving and operation of The Holy Spirit. In doing this, they are provoking God. Modernism treats God’s power and presence as if they have no significance at all……“THE PRESENCE OF GOD IS HOLY”. God will not share His glory with the world.

Modernism is relegating The Holy Spirit to the back room of the church or the shack in back of the church. There is no illumination from above and no discerning of spiritual things. It is wholly unfit to be a guide to anyone. It is nothing more than the blind leading the blind. God’s Presence cannot and will not co-habit with the tom foolery of the world…He further told them a proverb: Can a blind [man] guide and direct a blind [man]? Will they not both stumble into a ditch or a hole in the ground? Luke 6:39



  1. You are correct when you imply that no where is the church instructed to bring the world (that is worldly concepts and actions) into it. But I would caution that neither is there to be too much emphasis to be placed upon the Holy Spirit. The bible clearly teaches He, the third person of the trinity, co-equal in all aspects of the God-head, has a tertiary or back seat in worship. Christ and Christ alone should be the focus, for we are saved by faith in him alone, through the Grace of God alone.

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