Put on the New Man

The Kingdom of God is of such a Holy Nature that it cannot and will not change to suit sinful man. So the change must come from our souls being transformed. We cannot be a part of or dwell in the Kingdom of God in our old sinful nature. Any attempt to make an easy entrance into the Kingdom of God by any other means except through the Blood will be in vain. Jesus said the absolute requirement to enter the Kingdom of God is: “Ye Must Be Born Again”.

We must put on the new man, and there must be “New Birth” and we must be made New Creatures in Christ Jesus if we are to live in the Kingdom of God. We must come through Christ and The Cross. Jesus Said “I Am The Way”. (John 14:6). We bring a sinful nature into this world. But only a spiritual nature can enter the Kingdom of God. This spiritual nature is solely through the Blood, no wonder a New Birth is indispensable… Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again. John 3:7.
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