Redeeming The Time

Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Eph 5:16.

The word redeeming, here in scripture means, to purchase; to buy up from the possession or power of any one; and then to redeem, to set free–as from service or bondage…Barnes.

We have precious little time and we can ill afford to waste precious moments which others so easily throw away. Once we let it slip away we can never regain the time which we have lost to be a witness for Christ Jesus and The Cross. Time is our most treasured commodity. Let us use it wisely in these final hours just prior to the coming of The Lord. The word time here in Eph 6:15 is referring to an “allotment of time.” You and I only have a small window of time here on planet Earth. We must use it to reach out to fallen humanity to try to save them from total ruin, loss and destruction.

Eph 5:16 and Col 4:5 tells us that we must use every opportunity possible to be a witness for Christ and reach the lost. We must make the most of every opportunity, turning them into the best advantage since no opportunity can be recalled if missed. These present times are dangerous and evil. They are full of trouble, trials and temptations. Let us be diligent to redeem the time…1 Cor 4:1…1 Peter 5:8.

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