I Will Give You Rest

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matt 11:28.When we see the phrase “Come Unto Me” it means to place our faith in Christ and His atoning work on The Cross.

The dominion of our Lord, His sacrificial death on The Cross and the knowledge which He alone can impart, justifies Him making this beautiful and glorious invitation to you and me when we are overwhelmed by problems and troubles. As believers and followers of Jesus, He is there to lighten our heavy load when we are weary, weak, worn and burdened down with care. It is there that He speaks peace to our troubled hearts and gives rest to our weary soul.

The trials and burdens that we carry will be borne up by His Mercy and we will find Grace to help in time of need…Heb 4:16.“All ye that labour and are heavy laden” is a metaphor referencing a man who is carrying the great load of sin laid upon his soul. Each and every step he takes with the weight of sin reduces his strength, weakens him and makes his load more unreasonably severe, grievous, overwhelming and depressing.

The problems and troubles of life and the weight of sin not only weakens one physically but is a great hindrance to ones resolve. The only way one can gain relief from sin’s heavy load is by coming to Christ and The Cross in faith and repentance of sin.

When Jesus died on The Cross He opened up the way of Mercy and Grace so that all (whosoever will) may come and receive pardon and forgiveness for their sin. (Eph 1:7…Col 1:14). Every sinner who is wearied in the ways of iniquity, is invited to come to Jesus Christ, and find relief. It is at The Cross that He frees us from sin and the insurmountable guilt of sin.

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