Back To The True Gospel


(John 8:36 2Tim 4:2-5,Hos 6:1,Lam 3:40-42)
It’s better you be followed by few people,who can accept the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and hate sin than have a congregation of entertainment that follows you because of miracles and prophecy and they hate to hear the truth of the word of God and hate the correction and gospel that is against sin.

Many preachers are ordaining people to be elders and deacons in the church because of the amount of money they give in order to secure what they give to the church.Even though they have many wives/husband’s , commiting adultery and doing all sort of evil,the preacher can’t rebuke them in order to secure money that they give in the church.

Who told you that if you preach the true gospel and stand with the truth of the Word of God that you will be poor?Who told you that if you preach against sin and tell people to live a righteous life and repent that you will be poor?(1Cor 15:58)

If you can stand with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, He will stand with you as well.(Josh1:9,Isah 43:2,Isa 41:10-13,Luk 12:21)

Nowadays in the church,there are many people who are gifted to serve God in different areas,but they can’t get a chance because they have no money. Their spaces are occupied by those who give high amount of tithes and offerings, though they are not gifted they are given readership to secure them not to run out of the church for they support the church with finances. Who told you that there are no upright people who fear God that can support the church?(Psalm 34:10)

Preachers have a book of record for those people who tithe as if it’s a dept!!! recording each month every name of a church member and how they are tithing !!If you fail to tithe there is a gap left to show you that you did not tithe that month!!!Is that what you call FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT?!!.If you teach people properly on how to honour God with their giving , to follow the commandments of God and seek the kingdom of God first,you will never force them to give or to tithe. They will give willingly from their heart.Tithing is an agreement between man and God. If they give or fail to give it’s their case with God.The work of the preacher is to teach them what the Word of God say about tithing and giving and the other part God and the Holy Spirit will do through their heart.

Gospel has turned out to be a business and no longer a gospel for repentance. Preachers are busy selling salt,water, anointing oil and other things to people in the name of miracles tools. May be it might be!!!But must you sell??!And if it’s to Cater for church bill,then tell people the truth that you need money to pay church hall rent , electricity bill,Water bill….and they will support you willingly rather than coming up with ‘conman tricks’ to get money from their pockets!!(Greed for wealth). people who are well taught the word of God they will always give willingly,they will always support the work of God.

Who said if you don’t sell anointing oil,water and brooms you will close the church for lack of finances or become poor?!! All those who have succeeded in the ministry,did they sell such things to make it!!!!If the answer is no,then why can’t you follow their ways!!!Be equipped fully through prayer ,seek the presence of God day and night as the servants of God,and when people shall come to you in their critical conditions,at the mention of the name of Jesus Christ out of your mouth , great miracles will happen to them without you struggling to sell to them water,salt, anointing oil and fake prophesies (Matt10:7-10,Luk 10:19)).And if you have taught your church members the word of God propery, after receiving miracles in their life’s,they will come back to the same alter to say thank you to God with their Thanksgiving.

Young preachers nowadays want to open a church today and drive a Mercedes by tomorrow,open a church today and own a mega Church by tomorrow. Do you know how long those who have it took to get it!!!Do you know the price that they have paid for that church to be where it is!!!Do you know the struggles they have gone through for that church to stand!! You will meet those young ministers giving themselves big names that overides the name of Jesus and they concentrate on prophesying throughout even though they are not called to do so in order to target more people, targeting their pockets ,in order to gain wealth and fame quickly. They abandoned the gospel of repentance and righteousness,they are no longer after the soles of those who are lost ,but after wealth and fancy lifestyle. They are competing with the senior preachers who have fought a good fight of faith and paid the price to be where they are!!

They forget that If righteousness become a lifestyle, breakthrough becomes automatic.Men after God’s heart, are not after fame ,but after the Impact. Fame fades,but impact will endure from one generation to another.

It is not a must for you to drive if you are a minister of the word of God! It is not a must you own an aeroplane or a mega house to prove you are a servant of God! seek the kingdom of God first and it’s righteousness,and all other things shall be added onto you. You can’t serve God in truth and in spirit and walk in rugs!!You can’t serve God in righteousness and be covered with shame!!!!If you serve God,He will serve your needs as well.

Many people no longer attend churches, because they meet on the hand of the wrong servants who targeted their pockets and gave then fake promises to trap them and now they believe there are no true servants of God due to their past experiences. They call church a business because if their past experiences.We need to go back to the place of true worship,true Gospel of Jesus Christ and of sound mind.

Servant of God are preaching through telecasts and they are mentioning the M~Pesa number more times that the name of Jesus. They keep on interrupting their sermon to mention their pay bill number for offering. If you can truly touch the heart of people through your sermon,they will bless you willingly with their giving. You won’t even struggle to insist. Many with their trick that you send money and it will immediately meet with your need on the air and receive an instant miracle!!!Untill when did the money become a transaction for a miracle!!!

Servant of God,go on the mountain and seek the face of God always and you will never struggle in your ministry(Psalm 34:5). You will never target the pockets of people due to fear on where to Get money to sustain your church. You will never struggle to cast demons out.(Matth 16:19)

Many preach; that “the blind shall see ,the lame shall walk and the deaf shall hear”:but in their churches it’s an history and not a reality.People will believe the God that we preach the moment they will see Him in action(John 14:12-14 Luk 10:19). And for that to happen we must seek the face of the Lord ,hate sin,repent and stand with the truth of the Word of God. Its better other preachers hate you for the truth!!!It’s better you stand alone with the truth ,than be in a multitude of pretenders.








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