God has work for you

Far more than 12 people had been following Jesus. Here Jesus designated a group of 72 to prepare a number of towns for Jesus’ later visit. These disciples were not unique in their qualifications. They were not better educated, more capable, or of higher status than other followers of Jesus. What equipped them for this mission was their awareness of Jesus’ power and their vision to reach all the people. It is important to dedicate our skills to God’s kingdom, but we must also be equipped with his power and have a clear vision of what he wants us to do.
Jesus was sending 36 teams of two to reach the multitudes. These teams were not to try to do the job without help; rather, they were to ask God for workers. Some people, soon  as they understand the gospel, want to go to work immediately contacting unsaved people. This story suggests a different approach: begin by mobizing people to pray. And before praying for unsaved people, pray that other concerned disciples will join you in reaching out to them.
In Christian service, there is no unemployment. God has work enough for everyone. Don’t just sit back and watch others work – look for ways to help with the harvest.
Jesus said he was sending his disciples out “like lambs among wolves.” They would have to be careful because they would surely meet with opposition. We too are sent into the world like lambs among wolves. Be alert, and remember to face your enemies not with aggression but with love and gentleness. A dangerous mission requires sincere commitment.