Samuel King Minis🕆ries believe that robust theological reflection is characterized by collaboration and dialogue. Therefore committed to creating a safe space for discussions that is open, challenging and respectful.

Disagreement is a necessary and fruitful part of this process. It is most productive when all parties agree to assume good faith. People who post on this blog, and people who comment on it, do so in order to seek greater understanding and contribute positively to Christian gender  reflection. Each party will assume that any response to his/her work has this positive goal in mind, even if it takes the form of a negative critique. In order to preserve the possibility of this assumption, any negative critiques should be directed to particular claims and, where possible, cite directly from the text in question. No adhominem arguments will be accepted. By Admin, Samuel King Minis🕆ries

The author of this blog is particularly aware of and sensitive to a tendency to critique theologians as inadequately Christian. Samuel King Minis🕆ries reject this way of speaking as it obscures the substance of any argument and breaks Christian charity. No comments will be made that accuse any member of not holding to the faith which they themselves claim. The ambiguity of the phrase “good faith” is helpful here. In this second way also, assume good faith.

The anonymity afforded by internet interactions frequently lends itself to more vitriolic rhetoric against authors and other commenters. SAMUEL KING   MINIS🕆RIES requires that all commenters use their real names to post comments. The author/Admin  reserve the right to not approve any comments from anonymous posters.

In order to maintain this safe space, comments on this blog are approved by the author/admin before they are posted. Each author moderates his/her own comments according to his/her own discretion and maintains the right to reject any comments that violate these principles.