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Light of Hope Bible Training

Why the equipping you receive at Light of Hope Bible Training will transform you?

Training by Practitioners

All our instructors are people who are hands-on, involved in Christian ministry and speak to you from their personal walk in the Word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit.

Specially Tailored Course Content

We’ve tailored our curriculum to cover topics and themes that will prepare you to have a powerful impact for God’s Kingdom.

Focus on Practical Ministry

Our training prepares you with the know-how to actually do the work of the ministry. It is not just theory you will receive, but equipping to do the work of the ministry effectively.

Address Real Life Issues

We address real life issues so that you can be helped personally as well as know how to help people face and overcome life’s challenges with God’s Word and His Spirit.

Contemporary and Relevant

While God’s truth is unchanging, times have changed. We equip you to minister God’s eternal truth in ways that are relevant with tools and methods available to us today.

Life to Life Nurture

And most importantly, we let our lives speak. We stand on level ground with you so that we can pass on all that God has poured into us, nothing held back

About Light of Hope Bible Training

Light of Hope Bible Training is committed to helping believers develop and grow in all aspects of their lives to include balancing school, work and family. The balanced, Word-based teaching will spare you years of trial and error in ministry. Light of Hope Bible Training will ground you in the practical skills and spiritual disciplines that will equip you for success in witnessing and discipleship. You will receive quality classroom and hands-on training and a Certificate upon completion of your course of study in a period of 2 years. Light of Hope Bible Training can help you prepare for more effective service in pulpit ministry or as a layperson committed to being a more effective asset to your pastor and the local body of believers.

Apart from Bible Training, Light Of Hope Missions seeks to raise up indigenous missionaries through a very intensive two year ministry training by starting Bible Training Centers in our villages across Kenya and in Africa by using BTCP Curriculum. This training includes pastoral ministry, in depth bible study, evangelism, and apologetics. In addition to spiritual training and discipleship, we  intend to teach our students skills in small scale farming/starting a small business  so that they will be able to support themselves once the ministry training is done. The goal of our School of ministry is to equip and send ministers and missionaries into the remote, impoverished villages in Kenya and Africa as a community.

​Once the students are through with classes they will  begin ministering to remote communities through evangelism, Bible studies, prison ministry, children’s ministry, and adult literacy trainings  (so that believers can learn how to read the Bible).